Greenfield Teaching Artist Fellowship

It seems appropriate to pay my respects to the place that is giving me my teaching artist wings Philadelphia Theatre Company (PTC). Earlier this year, PTC received a generous grant from the Albert M. Greenfield Foundation to begin a Teaching Artist Fellowship program. Many corporate businesses have mentor programs as part of their professional and entry-level development and PTC believes that the arts should also cultivate such programs. As a part of this Fellowship, I have been paired with two excellent master teaching artist mentors with whom I create lesson plans for our residencies in Philadelphia schools. All of the teaching artists and PTC Education Staff meet a few times every month to swap ideas and to support each other in our endeavors. I have found a new and wonderful home at PTC and I couldn’t be more honored to be part of such an exciting pilot program.

Here’s what the Greenfield Teaching Artist Fellows have to say about theatre, PTC, and teaching artistry. This video was shown at the PTC Season Launch party in October 2012.

Introducing the Greenfield TAs of PTC


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