What is a teaching artist?

I am a rising theatre teaching artist. This is a term and a field that I often find myself needing to explain and I thought that it might be beneficial to start actively exploring exactly what it is I do and want to do in my new found profession. I am blessed to be a part of a professional teaching artistry mentorship program, in which I get to collaborate with masters of the field. It is a haven for sharing, discussion, brainstorming, and professional development. In one of our early sessions, we came up with a working definition of a “teaching artist.” The term is needfully flexible and constantly in flux, but the definition for me is (for today):

A teaching artist is a practicing artist who models the relationship between

art and life by guiding others to actively explore and create art.

I have never blogged before, but my impression is that a blog can be whatever the creator wants or needs it to be. It seems like a perfect venue to start investigating teaching artistry, to collect activities, and to simply mull over the role of a teaching artist and the arts in general. My hope is that this blog will be my creativity juicer, my constellation, my map, my memory bank, and my playground as I sally forth into the abundant wilderness of teaching artistry and beyond.


One thought on “What is a teaching artist?

  1. I have missed reading your writing, and I look forward to seeing more of those wonderful ideas that come out of your brain.


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