Stars in Your Pocket

I started a new residency in Philadelphia on Wednesday with an energetic group of K-4th graders. After warming up our bodies and voices, we started to stretch our imaginations by going on a make believe journey together.

We traveled through a desert, feeling the heat beating down on our weary limbs and then hopped from rock to rock across a cool stream before tiptoeing through the chilly shallows to finally reach the opposite bank. We nearly got our feet stuck in the stickiest, ickiest swamp and then stuffed our bellies to aching with candy from a magical castle. A kind horse gave us a lift until our stomachs recovered and then ran so fast that we flew off the creature’s back and up high into the sky. We could see houses and treetops below and then only clouds and then only an infinity of stars.

The stars were so brilliant and bright that we decided to catch as many as we could and tuck them into our pockets. As we all set about collecting stars, one student looked up at me and asked, “Do we get to keep the stars?”

I sure hope so.


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