I made a collage today.

The world was white with winter outside my window, while I dove headfirst into a colorful adventure of glossy pages and created something. Breezing through magazines felt somehow like going on a scavenger hunt. I was looking for myself in those pages. Each image I selected spoke to me in some way. Arranging the pictures together felt like uniting playful pieces of myself that I had forgotten about or never knew existed. I realized just how like collages we are, inside and out. Sometimes we don’t realize that all of our parts can co-exist. Even the fanciful daydreamy parts that we often hide can snuggle right up against the other more “realistic” images we may envision of ourselves.

I hope my collage always reminds me of this beautiful fact. It is a splash of life and color that now hangs proudly in my closet and it makes me smile every time it catches my eye. It didn’t cost anything and making it felt like a hugely productive use of my snowy Saturday.

Creating this collage left me feeling so warm and clear and I want to share the experience.  Consider this an invitation. As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently taking Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” course and it has given me a renewed sense of purpose and has colored my days with some vibrant dimensions that I had been missing. While I strongly recommend The Artist’s Way to anyone who wants to refresh and discover their inborn creativity (we all have it–lots of it), for now I just want to invite you to make something–whether it’s a collage, a batch of cookies, a set of curtains–anything that will light you up.

My collage was one of my Artist Way tasks for the week. In case making a collage excites you, here are the steps I followed to make it happen (based on a task listed in Week 7 of The Artist’s Way course book):

  • Turn on some favorite music.
  • Take a pile of magazines (at least 10–I collected them from generous friends and neighbors).
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes.
  • Go wild cutting or tearing out images that speak to you until your time is up.
  • Assemble your images however you want by gluing or taping them to a piece of newspaper, poster board, or just by attaching a few sheets of regular paper together to give yourself a play surface.
  • Hang your collage somewhere it will make you smile.
  • Revel in whatever your collage means to you or brought up for you. Soak up the fun.
2015-01-24 19.59.31

Introducing my newest happy thought. The flash washed out some of the spectacular color, but I just had to share my collage.




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