Playbuilding: Director vs. Dictator

My husband said it freaked him out. “It” is the cover of Playbuilding, a guide for group creation of plays with young people, by Errol Bray. The book was published in 1991 and yes, the cover is odd and somewhat disturbing. It features a photograph of a young boy wearing nothing but a garment reminiscent […]

Dramatic Tension: Improvising and Playing in Relationships

NOTE: I started this post in February and had a baby in early April, hence the ridiculously late publication. On Valentine’s Day, my husband and I led a playshop at a local Marriage Conference. This conference has been held annually in our community for the last ten years and centers on celebrating and caring for […]

Make Believe

Kindergarten is a magical place. For the past month, I have been assisting the pre-k/kindergarten teacher at the school where my husband currently works. Every school day, I get to watch this little group of four and five-year-olds learn. And you know what? Kindergarten is hard! The “basics” aren’t so basic when you’re a little […]

Farewell to the Fellowship

Today is my last official day as a Greenfield Teaching Artist Fellow. The last two years have hummed, hemmed and hawed past in a flurry of lesson plans, meetings, and performances and now it’s time to say goodbye to my two year ride as a Fellow. I sincerely hope that this Fellowship continues and that […]

The Community Dragon

My church celebrates its birthday on June 19th. Every year we have a huge community picnic and a pageant depicting some of the vibrant stories from the book of Revelation in the Bible. This year, the pageant was particularly exciting because it featured a brand new great red dragon. The mammoth puppet was built by […]