We’ve been struggling to get our baby to sleep consistently. For a while, she didn’t really nap. Unless she was in her car seat and then we would get nap time gold–but often at the wrong times of day. And sometimes she still seems to think that 10 PM is an acceptable bedtime, when in […]

The Community Dragon

My church celebrates its birthday on June 19th. Every year we have a huge community picnic and a pageant depicting some of the vibrant stories from the book of Revelation in the Bible. This year, the pageant was particularly exciting because it featured a brand new great red dragon. The mammoth puppet was built by […]


One of my teaching artist mentors introduced me to the magical power of “The Soapbox.” This activity gives participants the chance to stand on a box and rant about any topic they want for a full minute. No one will interrupt them. The floor is theirs for that minute and, in the words of Sara […]

Stars in Your Pocket

I started a new residency in Philadelphia on Wednesday with an energetic group of K-4th graders. After warming up our bodies and voices, we started to stretch our imaginations by going on a make believe journey together. We traveled through a desert, feeling the heat beating down on our weary limbs and then hopped from […]

Making a Statement

My dear college professor, the passionate woman who gave me her precious collection of drama books, passed away last weekend. I am deeply saddened that she will no longer light up the world the way she did before, but I know that she is positively glowing now in a brand new and profoundly more powerful […]

The Collection

Last week I went to visit one of my favorite college professors. I took her Performing Literary Texts class as a freshman and fell in love with storytelling.¬†Earlier this year, I found out that she had terminal cancer. Against all odds, she is still here, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. She’s a professional […]