My Teaching Artist Services

Think you might be in need of a teaching artist? Here is a brief outline of some of the services I can provide. Please note that I always customize workshops to the specific needs of my clients, so if you don’t see something here that quite fits what you want, contact me anyway (using the form below). Odds are I will be able to work with you to meet your needs.

Feel free to check out my resume for my qualifications: Justine B. Buss Theatre Teaching Artist


Improvisation exercises skills that anyone of any age can use in any field of work or study. Learn how to think on your feet, create cooperatively, how to laugh at “mistakes” and recover from them–whether you are trying to improve your theatre performance improvisation skills or just want to improve your flexibility, resiliency, and creativity in general, an improvisation workshop could be just the ticket.

Skills learned: teamwork, thinking on your feet, problem solving, listening, communication, speech, character building, and flexibility.

Samples of customization: I have taught improvisation workshops at Marriage Conferences, for high school groups, and museum tour guides.


Whether you work with a drama club, run a daycare, coordinate after school programming, or teach history class–I can come in and help your students/young people brainstorm, develop, and write their own performance pieces. Young people have things they want to say and giving them a chance to create their own performance is a perfect way to give them a voice.

Skills learned: how to create a short performance piece that is personal and relevant to the creators, pride of ownership, writing, production elements such as acting, play writing, directing, costuming, lighting, and sound design.


Are you an English teacher looking to spice up your Shakespeare or poetry unit? I will work with you to develop some lesson plans that look at plays from the theatre perspective and get your students up on their feet to truly experience what they are studying in class. But you can perform more than plays! Want your students to get more out of the poetry? Invite me to your class to help them perform poems and help them discover how to write their own. I can also help them with oratory skills and story telling technique. If you are interested, I will also work with your class or school to help set up a coffee house or open mic event where students can perform scenes, poems, and stories for their friends and family. These make amazing fundraisers.


Not all performances happen on stage. Consider inviting a teaching artist in to lead a workshop or class discussion on unconventional modes of performance through a sociological or anthropological lens. Possible topics or areas of focus include how we perform gender or ethnicity and/or how we can see many recreational and ritual activities as types of performances.

Skills Learned: expand the definition of “performance,” study people and their activities through a performance lens, analysis, critical thinking


Whether you are rehearsing a role, trying to rock an audition, or just want to practice giving that wedding toast, I am happy to meet with you. Contact me if you or your students need that outside set of eyes and ears to help with character development.

Skills Learned: characterization, oratory skills, breathing, objectives, diction, volume, given circumstances, physicality


Learn to find your personal voice in your writing whether for a school assignment or a story that you’ve been trying to get on paper. As a trained writing tutor, I will help you navigate your ideas, cultivate a love for writing, and discover what it is you really want to say and how to say it. Contact me for writing guidance for essays, stories, plays, poems, and beyond!

Skills Learned: organization, thesis development, brainstorming, knowing your audience, understanding assignments, using evidence effectivley, analysis, self-expression, and combating counterproductive habits


Have a big birthday or special event coming up? Consider throwing a fully customized murder mystery party that will have your guests buzzing with excitement. You can pick the theme, age range, and the number of guests (characters) and I will handle the rest, providing you with everything you and your guests will need to have a ball figuring out whodunnit. If desired, I will attend your event as the Murder Mystery mistress of ceremonies to help get everyone pumped up and into character. Please contact me no less than three weeks in advance of the event date so I have plenty of time to make your mystery as thrilling and customized as possible. Price will vary depending on number of guests level of customization, and preparation time.

Murder Mystery Package May Include: game guidelines, character sheets for each guest, costume suggestions for each guest, top secret envelope with the mystery answers inside, a professional teaching artist leading the group in theatre games and activities to get into character and unlock clues.

*WANT MORE INFORMATION? Send me a message using the form below. 


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